Kent Corporate Finance Alliance

McCabe Ford Williams is one of the founder members of the Kent Corporate Finance Alliance, an independent alliance of specialist professional firms providing services on a regional basis including lead advisors, solicitors, private equity and venture capital providers, debt and asset finance providers and accountants specialising in due diligence and tax. KCFA members work together to provide expert advice to management teams and shareholders of businesses who are seeking to perform one, or a combination, of the following transactions:

  • selling a business;
  • seeking to perform a management buy-out;
  • seeking investment;
  • making an acquisition;
  • identify businesses for a management buy-in; or
  • raising finance.

KCFA Vision Statement

The KCFA’s network of corporate finance professionals will work in collaboration to provide the highest quality, expert advice to businesses in the South East region to achieve the following objectives:

  • develop strong, multi-disciplinary ‘trusted-adviser’ relationships with regional business leaders;
  • provide an independent signposting service to specialist local advisers for established and developing businesses in the region;
  • provide corporate and transactional advice to companies to maximise shareholder value;
  • develop a network of funding sources prepared to invest in regional businesses;
  • support regional businesses to maximise economic growth and employment; and
  • liaise with local government agencies and other organisations to support regional economic development.

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